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An Evening of Comedy Classics 

The Tramp (1915), Bumping into Broadway (1919), One Week (1920), Two Tars (1928)

featuring live accompaniment by Hank Troy

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Doors: 7:00 PM
Showtime: 7:30 PM
Chautauqua Auditorium
Tickets: $12.00 (6.00 Concert Member and children under 12)*

Join us for an ‘Evening of Comedy Classics” with four wonderful stories featuring Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and many more. 

The Tramp (1915) – Charlie Chaplin – 26 min

Charlie Chaplin plays a tramp on the road. A hobo he encounters swaps Charlie’s sandwich for a brick and makes advances on the daughter of a farmer. When Charlie comes to her rescue, he uses the same brick to take out the hobo and his two friends. Victorious, the grateful farmer’s daughter brings Charlie home to become a farmhand. While failing as a farmhand, Charlie falls in love with the farmer’s daughter only to find out she is engaged. Upon her fiancée’s arrival, Charlie realizes he must go and writes a farewell note and heads back to the open road.

Bumping into Broadway (1919) Harold Lloyd – 23 min

A young chorus girl (Bebe Daniels) and her ambitious Broadway dreams faces eviction when her equally broke playwright neighbor (Harold Lloyd) spends his last cent to pay the rent in a theatrical boarding house. In return, the girl tries to get his comedy ready by a production manager who has just fired her but agrees to read it if she accompanies him to a speakeasy. Pursuing her, the playwright   follows them and winds up at a gambling club, where he wins big, just before a police raid. 

One Week (1920) – Buster Keaton – 25 min

A newly wedded couple (Buster Keaton and Sybil Seely) exit the chapel to begin their happily ever after. Among their wedding gifts is a portable house with a prefabricated kit. What the couple doesn’t know is that the kit has been tampered with by the groom’s rival. A project that should only take a week now leaves the honeymooner’s in disarray. 

Two Tars (1928) – Laurel and Hardy – 21 min

Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy), two sailors on shore leave, rent a car and go on a drive with their dates, but soon get involved in a huge traffic jam with dozens of ill-tempered motorists. A minor collision sets off an escalating series of tit-for-tat retaliations which eventually has most of the cars in pieces.

Running time: “The Tramp” (1915), 26 minutes. “Bumping into Broadway” (1919), 23 minutes. “One Week” (1920), 25 minutes. “Two Tars” (1928), 21 minutes.

Total running time: 95 minutes

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